“I assigned Georg's company - emilQ EXCELLENCE - for a huge restructuring project. All members of our organization were really energized by him and his concepts at that time - for me one of the most valuable characteristics of a consultant and business consultancy. How can you drive the change, if you cannot inspire the drivers?”

Thomas Brocksch, Quality Manager, DeWind Europe GmbH, Germany


“Ich kenne Herrn Georg Weidner seit einer ersten Zusammenarbeit in 2005 persönlich. Seither habe ich ihn und seine Arbeitsweise in diversen Projekten wiederholt als positiv und absolut bereichernd und gewinnbringend erlebt. Herrn Weidner kann ich Ihnen daher als integeren Profi und sympathischen Partner vorbehaltlos empfehlen."

Stefan Müller-Rabin, Manager Industry & Automotive, Conargus Executive Research GmbH, Germany


“I worked with Georg in Vestas and I can truly say that he impressed me a lot with his expertise and structured approach in setting up the Supplier Quality and Development function for Vestas. I see Georg as one of the most skilled in the area of Supplier Quality and on top of the development of the necessary processes and setting up his team, he was able to build trust and openness in his team as well as with his stakeholders. As a major stakeholder and colleague to Georg, I worked closely with Georg to build my Sourcing organization in China, which included Supplier Quality and Development, and together we created one of the best performing Sourcing and Supplier Quality organizations in the business. Georg is a great person, a great leader and I can give him my best recommendations.”

Jes Christensen, Director Global Sourcing Electrical, Vestas Wind Systems A/S, China


“Georg is a team builder, he has an impresive capability to encourage his team and to open their minds to an innovative way of thinking;his combination of personality and communication skills always makes people move forward for achieving excellence. Excellent strategic approach and global vision, Georg gives value to any organisation. I would always get involved in any project leaded by Georg.”

Luis Vallina, Procurement Manager, Maersk Container Industry, Chile


“I know Georg for many years and the quality of his work was always excellent.”

Florian Frank, C.E.O. at Dualis Medtech GmbH


“Herr Georg E. Weidner überzeugt durch sein seriöses und kompetentes Auftreten und sein fachkundiges Wissen als Coach und Berater. Die Zusammenarbeit mit Herrn Georg E. Weidner sowohl auf fachlicher als auch auf menschlicher Ebene hat sehr viel Freude bereitet.”

Melanie Albert, Claim Manager, DeWind Europe GmbH, Germany


“I was lucky enough to have had the possibility of being coached by Georg Weidner during an assignment at my place of employment. I have been inspired by his tremendous ability to guide and coach people as well as his deep understanding of human nature and the complexities of daily business and its difficulties in a multi-cultural organisation. Being coached by Mr. Weidner has been a memorable pleasure and an immeasurable benefit to me privately as well as for my daily business life. Thank you!”

Kristiana Stahl, Senior Secretary, DeWind Europe GmbH, Germany


“I´ve had the pleasure of intoducing new and existing HR products and processes to Georg, and he is always focused, holistic and pleasant to work with. Georg challenges existing ways to work and clearly appreciates efforts made to meet his professional demands. I would never hesitate to work with Georg.”

Anette Mouritsen, Human Resources Manager, Vattenfall A/S, Denmark


“Georg is a great team member that will keep the team on task. His creative mind allows him to see the "big picture". Georg and his company emilQ is highly recommended to any organization.”

Michael Kunz, Projekt Manager, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, Germany

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