Innovation Concept

The QLC® degree programme (QLC) was first founded by emilQ® EXCELLENCE, Georg E. Weidner and a team of international experts and lecturers. It is based on more than 20 years of international and multicultural business experience as well as numerous lectures on university level in the disciplines Quality, Leadership & Communication (QLC).

QLC is a TRIPLE-BLENDED programm, which includes

  • classroom training modules, paired with a
  • synchronious QLC project on-the-job and amplified by the leading
  • digital, cloud-based knowledge sharing and execution platform emilQ DAILY®, which allows interactive remote collaboration between all QLC students and their peers and stakeholders.

QLC was accredited by the Institute for Innovation & Improvement, Munich/Germany in the year 2016. Since then it underlies a continuous enhancement by following international business & education standards. During the recent years, QLC has been rolled out in various countries such as Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, China and India.

Innovation Features

The QLC Degree Programme...
  • is based on scientifically regognized and approved learning content, methods and tools.
  • includes numerous real-life best pracitices by international enterprises.
  • conveys various cross-functional skills such as project management, time management, change management and others.
  • comprises a guided QLC project-on-the-job, which identifies and utilises improvement and financial savings within the student's enterprise.
  • underlies a high density of interaction paired with psychological demands.
  • challenges and promotes the participants based on their continuously increasing skills.
  • is being enriched by various guest lecturers and speakers from the international industry, such as Porsche, E.ON, Siemens, Coca-Cola, Vestas and others.
  • enables execution in DAILY business right from the beginning of the QLC degree programme (counts for all degree levels).
  • is enriched with interactive indoor and outdoor elements.

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